Basic But Practical Webinar Series

  • The Center for Global Trade Education and Compliance has developed a multiple week course series designed to provide a importers, exporters and other international logistics professionals with a base of understanding of U.S. trade regulation. Our course is developed to provide understanding of trade regulation by focusing uniquely on three facets of the regulatory environment.

    1. A review of relevant regulations

    Our approach begins with the obvious review of regulations that are relevant to international trade professionals. Selections of regulatory requirements are made with an eye toward to exposing or reviewing legal requirements that are central to routine operations facing logistic professionals. Issues relating to imports have included entry procedures and documentation, the classification and valuation of merchandise, country of origin and marking, trade agreement compliance, Chapter 98 entries, duty savings and refund programs, and other import requirements. Export control issues have included an overview of export controls, an agency by agency review of mission and authority, export documentation and enforcement.

    2. An examination of the regulatory requirements from the perspective of the government.

    Our focus on seminar development is not just a recitation or summary of a regulation but also a view of that regulation from the perspective of the governmental regulators. Understanding the reasons for a regulation from the perspective of the regulators can help deepen an understanding of regulatory requirements and enhance compliance with those requirement while also providing a basis for an evolving understanding of those requirements as they themselves evolve.

    3. Regulations from the enforcement perspective.

    The Basic But Practical series also provides a perspective drawn from enforcement and audit. Looking at an issue from the context of an audit, an investigation or civil or criminal enforcement situation helps not only deepen an understanding of the law but also how to prepare for and avoid enforcement action.

    4. Regulations from the corporate compliance perspective.

    Finally, the Basic But Practical series will examine issues from the corporate perspective of compliance. Best practices, compliance planning and budgeting and the avoidance of pitfalls will round out the basic knowledge of regulatory issues. Compliance begins with an understanding of legal requirements drawn not just a review of the requirements themselves but also an understanding of those requirements from the shared perspective of governmental agencies and corporate compliance managers.


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