CHB Examination Review Course

  • Course Overview

    Our Customhouse Broker Examination Review course is designed to provide a thorough basis for understanding Customs and Border Protection import regulations and procedures. Many class participants go on to successfully complete the Treasury Department Customhouse Broker Examination but many corporate participants simply use the course to regularly train employees who work in an import department or similar logistics function. The course consists of a close review of Customs regulations as well as the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States. Real world, practical examples are reviewed and discussed along with exemplary Customs rulings which shape and define the regulations and the tariff schedule. While the actual regulations and tariff schedule will be examined extensively, other materials will be provided to aid in the understanding of these primary sources. Course participants are also provided with an extensive collection of practice examination questions, along with answers and answer references. Finally, participants are provided with clear instructions for continued study, either to take the CHB exam or to independently develop a more thorough understanding of the relevant materials.

    CHB Review Course_August 21-23, 2019 **EARLY-BIRD DEADLINE IS July 21, 2019**

    Who Should Attend

    • Anyone taking the Customhouse Broker Examination
    • Customhouse Brokerage Employees
    • Import Department Employees
    • International Logistics Professionals
    • Foreign Source Purchasing Professionals
    • Compliance Professionals

    Course Outline

    • Overview to Customs and Border Protection
      • How Customs Works
      • Working with Customs
      • What Customs Expects
    • Customhouse Broker Examination
    • Entry Procedure and Documentation
    • Proper Reporting of Import Value
      • Methods of Determining Import Value
      • Additions to Value
    • Import Classification Pursuant to the HTSUS
    • Country of Origin
      • Determining the Correct Country of Origin
      • Country of Origin Marking
    • Duty Reduction Entry Requirements
      • Foreign Trade Zones
      • Bonded Warehouses
      • Drawback
      • Chapter 98 Provisions
    • International Trade Agreements
      • Rules of Origin Approaches Under FTAs
      • Trade Agreement Procedures and Requirements
    • Intellectual Property Rights Import Restrictions
    • Duty Refunds and Procedures
    • Additional U.S. Import Regulations and Customs Procedures
    • CATAIR Procedures
    • Customs Directives